Tutorials Monitor Your Linux Server With SMS Alerts And Performance Graphs

This tutorial shows how you can monitor your Linux server with a tool from Bijk - with email and SMS alerts. Bijk is an open source application, for creating live graphs and alerts, thus monitoring your server performance. With the Basic version of Bijk, you can easily set up email alerts for monitoring almost everything on your server (system overload, disk space usage, Apache troubles, MySQL, etc.).
To install Bijk on your Linux server, go to the page http://www.bijk.com, sign up, download and add it to your server in a few easy steps.
You can try theOnline Demo first.

Bijk is ready for Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and RedHat and you need only about three minutes to install Bijk on a server.

Bijk.com - Dashboard - Alerts + Performance graphs
Creating alerts about the status of your server could not be easier. An example set-up of the most used alerts is in the short video below. http://vimeo.com/15767744
Here is the video in most important steps:
1) Go to the alerts set-up page and find the function you want to monitor.
2) Choose the email or SMS where you want to receive the alert.
3) Bijk automatically chooses the critical range to monitor so you only change this if you wish.
That's all! It cannot be more easy.
Alerts status - Detail page with all servers and all checks
As you can see you simply add monitoring checks for PING, URL, LOAD, Memory usage, CPU usage, disk usage and much more.
All the alert settings are customizable from your browser, you don't need to edit any configuration files on your server.


  1. Thanks! This is such a good tutorial! It's so easy to understand what you are talking about!

  2. I've never heard about it before! I use Linux and I can try your advices!

  3. It seems a cool solution but it also smells more like advertising than a tutorial.