Ubuntu guide

Welcome to the Ubuntu Desktop Guide, a comprehensive guide to using Ubuntu in a desktop
The guide is divided into the following chapters:
1. Getting Started - An introduction to the world of Ubuntu and some basic concepts which are
useful when getting started.
2. Adding, Removing and Updating Applications - How to manage your software in Ubuntu.
3. Common Tasks - Performing common tasks on Ubuntu, including playing music and video, using
the internet, office and graphics programs and more.
4. Configuring Your System - Change the settings of your Ubuntu system according to your needs.
5. Getting More Help - Where to find help if this guide doesn't provide the answer.
HTML and PDF versions of the manual are available online at the Ubuntu Documentation website
You can buy this guide in book form from our Lulu store [http://www.lulu.com/ubuntu-doc]. You
will only pay for the price of printing and postage.
 Link Download Ubuntu Desktop:  Download
 Link Download Ubuntu Server: Download

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