Document Install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

1.Insert a disk for installation of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and reboot your computer. The screen of selecting language. Choose it and go next.

2. Push Enter
3. Select your language.
4. select your country.
5. Select "No" to configure manually keyboard layout.
6. Select keyboard type.
7.Select keyboard layout.
8.Specify any Hostname you like.
9.Select your time zone.
10.This is the section for configure partition. This example select "Guided".
11. Select a disk to create partitions.

12. If existing partitions are detected, installer asks like below. If it's OK, answer "Yes".
13.If it's OK, answer "Yes".
14.Enter the amount set LVM volume group assigned to.
15.It's completed to configure partitions. If it's OK, answer "Yes".
16.Installation of base system proceeds.
17.Set user account. The user set on here is administration user by default.
18.Input user name on the system.
19.Set password.
20.Verify password.
21.If you'd like to encrypt home directory, answer "Yes".
22.Set Proxy if you use it. If not, Continue with empty.

23. Select if you set automatical update or not. automatical update is convenience but sometimes it causes troubles, so if you use this server as a Mission Critical Server, Don't use automatical update, it's better to update by manually after verification.

24. Select softwares to install. Go next without checking boxes all, it's better to install something if needed.
25.Answer "Yes" if Grub is installed on MBR.

26. Installation is completed. Remove the disk and Continue. Then system reboots.

27. The system boots and show login prompt like below. Login with a user set in installation.

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